Algebraic DOA Estimation and Tracking using ULV Decomposition

C.M. Coviello, L.H. Sibul, and P.A. Yoon (USA)


Blind source separation, blind beamforming, ULV decom position, subspace tracking, direction-of-arrival estimation


Blind beamforming is an important technique that is used to determine signal sources from the original signals mixed with additive noise and to estimate their direction of ar rival (DOA). Before recovering the DOA information, it is necessary to preprocess the data matrix to decorrelate and normalize the mixed sources before applying nonlinear al gorithms for the signal separation. A popular choice for the preprocessor has been based on the singular value decom position (SVD). In this paper we propose an alternative pre processor based on the ULV decomposition (ULVD). We compare both in an algebraic beamformer in terms of per formance and accuracy.

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