A Tracking Method for Analyzing 3D Motions of a Human in a Marker-free Motion Capture System

S.-E. Kim, C.-J. Park, R.-H. Lee, and I.-H. Lee (Korea)


motion tracking, feature extraction, epipolar geometry, marker-free motion capture


We described a motion tracking method of an actor in a real-time 3D computer vision system. An actor acts without any attached marker in surrounded place with three CCD cameras and is wearing normal clothes freely. This system extracts 2D information of body-region from inputted images and generates 3D positions of body regions such as a root, a head, hands, and feet. Because of body-regions have unrestrained movement in 3D space, we need temporal and spatial conditions in order to match and track those regions correctly. Tracking of actor's movement in real time has an influence on this system directly. Therefore we propose a tracking method that can correct an error automatically through an inspection and a feedback of a tracking state

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