Multi-bits Fingerprinting for Image

W. Kim, S.H. Lee, H.-W. Jang, and J. Kim (Korea)


Copyright protection, Watermarking, Fingerprinting


Fingerprinting is an extended watermarking technique and embeds the identity of customer into the content as a watermark in a way that is difficult to erase. The main difference between watermarking and fingerprinting is that different copies for each customer can be produced. This point is very helpful for attackers. They compare several fingerprinting copies and find the location of the embedded information and destroy it by altering the values in those places where a difference was detected. In this paper we consider two kinds of collusion attacks and propose a fingerprinting scheme which embeds multi-bits as a watermark. This scheme is different from previous works in that embedding multi-bits watermark using the location of the peak of the correlation value. We apply this scheme to the fingerprinting application under the limited environment and show that it has some robustness against collusion attacks we introduced

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