Improvement of Lips Region Extraction Method for Lipreading

T. Akashi, M. Fukumi, and N. Akamatsu (Japan)


Genetic Algorithm, Template Matching, Lipreading


In this paper, a lips extraction method at the mo ment of speech is described. Extracting the exact loca tion and geometric changes of lips is important for effec tive lipreading by a computer. Additionally, characteristic shape and colour of the lips are effective for lips region ex traction. Our method, therefore, uses template matching and the matching process is performed using a genetic al gorithm. Only one template of closed mouth region is used in consideration for using on mobile devices. Parameters resolved by the genetic algorithm show fine location and geometric change. As an image data, a modified x compo nent (redness) of the Yxy colour space. Our conventional method do not have a good search efficiency. Therefore, a new method, which distinguishes between an objective function and fitness function, is proposed in this paper. We simulate comparison between our conventional method and the new method. Experimental results indicate that the new method is more better than the conventional one in extrac tion accuracy and speed.

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