Enhancement of Image Quality in Screen Mark Attack of Watermark

K. Kim, J.-W. Han, and Y.M. Ro (Korea)


watermark attack, screen mark attack, oracle attack, copy attack


In this paper, we propose an enhancement of Screen Mark System (ESMS) to create better quality attacked image than existent Screen Mark System (SMS) in watermark. Screen mark attack is similar with copy attack method and creates a good quality image that contains an embedded watermark of attacker. Copy attack does not destroy a watermark that is embedded in target image or impair its detection. Attacker inserts own watermark to target image by method that copy own watermark to target image. And attacker does not need to know any information about watermark system of target image; it creates new challenges, especially when watermarks are used for copyright protection and identification. The proposed system uses Gaussian Blur filter (GBF) to remove watermark in target image and create screen mark, selects the most efficient screen mark, and added image quality enhancement module (IQEM). Test results show that the proposed watermark attack system is successful to create better quality-attacked image than existent method.

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