Watermarking Technique of Controlling the Data-hiding Capacity

H.H. Lee, J.S. Lee, J.W. Kim, and J.U. Choi (Korea)


Watermark, Multimedia Security, Fingerprint, Steganography


Most of the current techniques for data-hiding in images utilize some decomposition for embedding the message bits. But In this paper, we use the watermarking method based spatial domain for the message bits. This method is very fast. So it is easy used to devise spatial schemes for data hiding in video frames. The representative method of spatial schemes is pulse amplitude modulation and spread spectrum method. We increased the payload of embedding data with modifying spread spectrum method. Most watermarking schemes have a problem of trade-off between image quality and robustness. And, those are closely connection with the payload. At increasing payload, the quality is deteriorative and the robustness is weak. According to the case, we should maintain good quality of watermarked image, other case we should embed much information. In this paper, we suggested the method of controlling payload for effectively embedding watermark.

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