Collusion-secure Fingerprinting for Three-dimensional Polygonal Meshes

Y. Hur and Y.-S. Ho (Korea)


Collusion-secure Fingerprinting, Digital Watermarking, Finite Projective Geometry, 3-D Polygonal Meshes


This paper presents a collusion-secure fingerprinting scheme which can embed fingerprints, customer's identification information, into a 3-D polygonal mesh to protect its copyright. In the proposed scheme, we generate fingerprints based on the finite projective geometry, partition a mesh related to the number of bits assigned to each fingerprint, and then embed a watermark, copyright information, into each submesh to be marked. Experimental results demonstrate that our scheme is robust to the additive random noise, 3-D mesh compression, geometrical transformations, and a simple collusion attack like average calculation by traitors. In addition, the number of bits assigned to each fingerprint has been optimized. Using the proposed scheme, we can find traitors responsible for the collusion attack causing unauthorized copy and distribution

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