Data Hiding in MPEG Encoding by Constrained Motion Vector Search

M.A. Robertson and J.C. Keller (USA)


Steganography, Data Hiding, MPEG, Watermarking


This document describes a method of embedding hidden data in an MPEG video stream. During the encoding of an MPEG video, the motion estimation procedure constrains the motion vector search according to the data to be embed ded; thus the compression and embedding procedures oc cur simultaneously. To retrieve the hidden data, the receiver simply reads the motion vectors from the MPEG stream and extracts the hidden bits. Constraining the motion vec tor search results in a loss of coding efficiency, the severity of which is discussed in the paper. It is demonstrated that when the data are adaptively hidden in MPEG motion vec tors, artifacts are not visible to the human eye, nor are they readily detected from mathematical analysis.

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