A Novel Method to Generate the Mask for Data Hiding and Image Watermarking

A.M. Ahmed and D.D. Day (USA)


Watermarking, Fuzzy Logic, Texture Image.


A new approach for generating the watermark mask is presented. The new algorithm can be applied in both the spatial and wavelet domains. The approach uses a fuzzy inference system (FIS) to determine the best regions for data hiding. The FIS extracts the most robust regions from the texture image based on the relationship between pixels within blocks of size 3x3. Multiplying the output of the FIS by the watermark will generate the new mask and redistribute the watermark in a robust and invisible way. The new mask will be added to the host image either in the spatial or wavelet domain. This technique is demonstrated to be robust against both filtering and JPEG compression even with severe degradation to the marked image.

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