Simulation Tool for Fiber-optic Systems with Partially Coherent Light

C. Seidel and G.F. Trommer (Germany)


Simulation Tools and Languages, Physicallybased Modelling, FiberOptics, Coherence


A new simulation tool for modelling fiber optic systems with inclusion of polarization and coherence effects is pre sented. It is based on a new numerical method for simulat ing the propagation of partially coherent light. The method is implemented in a C++ program which can be controlled by scripts. It is most useful for modelling interferometric fiber optic sensors with partially coherent light sources if polarization plays a role. Furthermore modelling of other systems is possible. Dispersion can be taken into account to first order. Signals and error signals can be calculated quantitatively. Theoretical background of interference of partially coherent light and modelling of polarization mode propagation is given. Problems of existing methods are dis cussed and advantages and fields of application of the new method are shown. Lyot depolarizers are modelled to show the potential of the tool. As an application of the simu lation tool the modelling of error signals due to reflection in a fiber optic gyroscope is demonstrated. The results are compared to experimental results.

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