Influence of Fuzzy Logic Stabilizer on Dynamic Stability of Power Systems

K.R. Sudha and K.A.G. Rao (India)


Fuzzy Logic, Stabilizer, Power systems


Power system stabilizers must be capable of providing appropriate stabilization signals over a broad range of operating conditions and disturbances. In the present paper, a technique for designing fuzzy logic based stabilizer (FPSS) is presented for damping low frequency oscillations and improving the dynamic stability of the power systems. The main advantage with the proposed FPSS lies in its model independency. The fuzzy logic stabilizer is designed at one operating condition is implemented at various operating conditions. The dynamic responses of a FPSS following a step disturbance are compared with that of conventional and state-variable stabilizer for a single machine infinite bus system. It is seen that the oscillations are more damped for a fuzzy logic stabilizer as compared with conventional and state variable stabilizer.

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