Emotional Action Simulation of 2 Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Mobile Robot

Y.H. Kim, D.-Y. Lee, S.H. Kim, and Y.K. Kwak (Korea)


Dynamic Modeling, Emotional Robot, Mobile Robot,Inverted Pendulum, Modelbased Control


The purpose of this work is to realize the emotional actions of the two wheeled inverted pendulum type mobile robot as one style of the home robot that can be used in the near future. The environment in which the robot is employed to help the human is changed from job site of factory to human living space like office or home. In order for the robot to live together with human in this environment, the robot has to communicate the emotions with human and also react its motion personality. And it should be deeply considered how effective emotional communication can be achieved using that mechanism. Therefore, we concentrated on the emotional actions for the robot personality as an expression. The suggested emotional robot is composed of a head and a body with two wheels for moving in a plane. Two independent driving wheels are used for its own emotional expression, position control and fast motion in a plane without casters. We developed the dynamic model of this robot and presented the simulation results to confirm the mobile ability in the 2D plane without difficulty.

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