An Investigation on Effects of Tolerance and Cost on Failure Rate using Computer Simulation

G. Bai and J. Chen (USA)


DOE; tolerance design and optimization; cost model;Monte Carlo simulation; failure rate


This study investigated the effects of tolerance and manufacturing cost on failure rate of an alternator. The failure rate is affected by multi-factors (tolerances). A method has been developed to optimize the tolerance design, which will minimize the cost as well as keep the failure rate within an acceptable range. To avoid large amount of experiments, Design of Experiments (DOE) was used. Three experimental plans based on full factorial, tradition factorial, and Taguchi's methods were executed in order to minimize the number of experiments. The experiment was performed using computer simulation. A model relating tolerances to the failure rate was used and manufacturing variations were simulated using Monte Carlo method. Cost models were incorporated so that the manufacturing cost could be estimated. Through statistical analyses, the dominant tolerances that affect the failure rate were identified and the optimized tolerance sets were anticipated.

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