Adaptive FIR Filter Based Control of Magnetic Levitation System

M. Shafiq and S. Akhtar (Saudi Arabia)


Adaptive Control, Magnetic Levitation, Adaptive FIR Filters


In this paper an adaptive finite impulse response (FIR) fil ter based control scheme is proposed which is employed for position tracking problem of a magnetic levitation system. The adaptive filters are designed on-line as approximate in verse system. At the first step, a PID controller is imple mented to stabilize the position of a magnetically levitated ferric ball at a certain position, and then an adaptive FIR fil ter is incorporated in the loop to improve the stability of the closed loop. A second adaptive FIR filter is introduced to improve the tracking properties. The use of inherently sta ble adaptive FIR filters has guaranteed a stable controller. Experimental results are included to highlight the excellent position tracking performance of the system.

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