Modeling of Conveyor, Including Processes which Generate the Transport Problem

S.V. Sergueyevich, M.G. Ortega Rosales, and V.R. Villela González (Mexico)


Conveyor, chain tension calculation, distribution,simulation.


The paper concerns the analytical method of determining the tension-time function for conveyor chain and the simulation model of closed-loop accumulating conveyor system with merging-splitting configuration. In particular we discuss problems involving functional equations for general chain tension, pulling force and power requirements at the drive sprocket depending on service parameters such as through-put, length of queues, waiting time, etc. The life time for conveyor system is determined by fatigue of its parts, caused by an external load, which is random in nature. The designer cannot predict with accuracy what loads the user will subject the conveyor system to. The dynamic loading on a chain, drive etc, have a complicated structure, which mainly depends on irregularity of the material flow on the conveyor system, the system layout and conveyor interfaces, details of conveyor geometry and operation, etc. In general, accurately determining the load on the conveyor chain is the most difficult task in the design process. In such cases, statistical analysis of experimental data collected from simulation experiment can provide good information for design purposes. The aim of the work is to develop mathematical tools for analysis, modeling and simulation of loading sequences on the conveyor chain.

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