Modeling and Control of DSTATCOM for Voltage Sag

S.-Y. Jung, T.-H. Kim, M.-U. Lee, S.-I. Moon, and W.-H. Kwon (Korea)


Distribution System, Power Quality, Custom PowerDevice, Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM),Voltage Sag, PSCAD/EMTDC


This paper describes the modeling and the optimal tuning of PI control techniques of distribution static synchronous compensator (DSTATCOM) using PSCAD/EMTDC package. Moreover it is presented to make the model of IEEE 13 bus radial distribution power system and applied to the model of DSTATCOM using PSCAD/EMTDC. Using Optimal tuning PI control, the voltage sag as well as the fast dynamic response is achieved. The derived simulation is tried to verify the result of this paper.

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