Digital Terrain Illustration (An NPR Approach)

P.S. Suliaman, D. Daman, M.S. Abd. Rahim, and A.A. Abdul Ghani (Malaysia)


Non-photo realistic (NPR), terrain rendering, sketching,cartoon


In computer graphics, photo realistic rendering attempts to make artificial images of simulated 3D environments that look "just like the real world." So the term non-photo realistic rendering (NPR) covers any computer-generated imagery explicitly rendered using techniques designed not to mimic physical reality. Even though NPR had development interest in many fields, yet in terrain rendering it's still at a fresh beginning. This paper seeks to raise awareness for non-photo realistic (NPR) approach in terrain rendering as a new way of visualization. It provides two new algorithms that can simulate a 3D scene, where users are allowed to manipulate the scene in real time. The first algorithm is sketching algorithm and the second is cartoon algorithm. These algorithms are evaluated for the used of the terrain data.

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