Multiple Modelling Approach in Distributed and Heterogeneous Systems

A. Zakari (France)


Multiple modelling approach, Integration,Interoperability, Multiples Models, Intelligent Agent,Product modelling.2. STATE OF THE ARTContext and definitionsProduct modelling is an evolution o


This paper focuses on the use of a multidisciplinary approach through Software Engineering (SE) concepts and tools to contribute to the design and implementation of software components for multiple modelling and simulation of a manufacturing product. This issue constitutes in turn an important area in integrated product development in distributed and heterogeneous systems. In industrial applications and systems, like CIM systems (Computer Integrated Manufacturing), high degree of interoperability and integration are highly suited to contribute to the manufacturing product development between engineering teams across a wide enterprise. Construction approaches based only on technological and standard tools are not sufficient. In this paper we propose the use of methodological elements based on formal methods, together with AI and SE concepts and tools (for instance Intelligent Agent Module and planning) to contribute to the achievement of product modelling and simulation for CIM applications in distributed and heterogeneous systems. The new proposed approach for multiple modelling and simulation systems must be general enough to be applied to different industrial domains. However, we present only manufacturing example and we hope that a valid methodology can be applied to various industrial domains that have the same characteristics. In the next sections we show a summary of works viewed from the multiple models point of view, in the section 3 we give our approach followed by a brief conclusion in section 4.

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