Modeling and Simulation of SiC MOSFETs

T. Ayalew, J.M. Park, A. Gehring, T. Grasser, and S. Selberherr (Austria)


SiC MOSFET; ACCUFET; Inversion layer mobility; Physically-based modeling; Simulation-based comparison.


We perform a numerical simulation in order to get an in sight into the physics and the behavior of silicon carbide MOSFETs. A new device structure for a lateral DMOS FET has been proposed. Material-specific models for surface-scattering, impact ionization, and incomplete ion ization have been implemented into the device simulator MINIMOS-NT to investigate device characteristics. The key parameters that alter the device performance have been optimized. The relationship between blocking and driving capability was closely examined. Excellent I-V character istics with significant improvement on the reduction of the gate bias voltage, and a fairly large advantage on electrical performance and device reliability were achieved.

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