Research on Fuzzy Inventory Control under Supply Chain Management Environment

G. Xiong and H. Koivisto (Finland)


Inventory Control System, Fuzzy control System, SingleStage Inventory, Demand, Order, Distributor.


The inventory control has been paid great attention for a long time because of its important in the cost control. This paper presents an approach to use fuzzy control system applied in controlling inventory under supply chain management. A fuzzy control system based on the (T, s, S) framework is given, and the fuzzy controller in inventory control makes it easier to design the system. Two inventory control approach are applied in two cases study, which are single stage inventory and multiple stage inventory in supply chain. For each case, the inventory control approaches are used based on the give data. The case is given to illustrate the design procedure of the fuzzy controller and its effectiveness. Some conclusions are drawn out based on the simulation.

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