SimCool: Simulation of Pollution caused by Coolant in Manufacturing Processes

G. Petuelli and J. Puschmann (Germany)


Simulation Tool, Manufacturing, Pollution Control, Decision Support


In manufacturing fluids are used to, e.g., reduce friction and thermal effects that cause inaccuracies of workpieces machined. Due to process characteristics, design features of machines used and material handling systems coolant applied in large quantities pollutes environment. In many cases manufacturing technologies as well as machine design cannot be modified in a sense such as to perform processes without coolant. In order to define measures to minimise pollution caused by coolant the simulation system SimCool was developed, which enables modelling of production facilities and simulation of the according coolant circuit. Thus, coolant losses caused by individual manufacturing processes, machines and devices used are determined. Based on this information major pollutants as well as ecological and economic weak points of the coolant circuit can be identified. By simulation of alternative configurations and components countermeasures can be defined to reduce costs and ecological damages.

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