An Experimental Investigation of a Semi-analytical Infiltration Model for Erratic Rainfall

R. Morbidelli, C. Corradini, C. Saltalippi, and F. Melone (Italy)


Unsaturated flow, Infiltration models, Redistribution.


Careful laboratory observations were used to test the general model proposed by Corradini et al. ([1]) for local infiltration-redistribution-reinfiltration in a homogeneous soil. A laboratory slope in a nearly horizontal position was used. Infiltration into the loam soil was forced by a rainfall event characterized by two storms with intensity 22 mm h-1 separated by a rainfall hiatus of 18 h. Adopting an exponential function for the vertical profile of water content, , the model simulated very accurately the profiles, particularly during the infiltration and reinfiltration stages. Lastly, experimental and theoretical simulations indicated that the use of a compound profile after a redistribution period was a correct approximation of the actual profiles.

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