Regional Estimation of CN on Tiber Basin

M. Centolani and F. Savi (Italy)


Surface runoff, runoff coefficient, Curve Number


The SCS Curve Number (CN) method has become widely accepted as a procedure for estimating stormflow volumes. The evaluation of the value of CN from observed floods is uncertain because it depends on the soil moisture before the storm and the procedure suggested by SCS based on the 5 days antecedent precipitation does not seem sufficiently reliable. As a consequence CN should be considered a random variable. The aim of the paper is to estimate storm to storm variations of CN on Tiber river basin by means of correlation between observed values of CN (starting from observed rainfall hyetographs and discharge hydrographs) and antecedent precipitation rainfalls and seasonal variations of temperature and evapotranspiration. Confidence intervals are provided and compared with those existing in literature.

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