A Modelling Methodology for Distillation Columns using Dymola and Simulink

N. Duro and F. Morilla (Spain)


Modelling, Simulation, Control of Complex System, Process Control, PID control, Industrial Processes


In this paper we present a modelling methodology for distillation columns, which allows modelling the ideal column for a well-known mixture. The methodology combines three steps; a first step where are calculated all necessary data to build the model. A second step, where four types of sub-models and the control strategy are properly connected using Dymola or Simulink. And the third step where the controllers are tuned using simulation data. The methodology has provided good results with different mixtures (for example: water and acetic acid, water and acetone, water and methanol) in several operation conditions. Besides it has been useful to get a good benchmark of distillation columns models. These models are being used for multivariable control evaluations and will be integrated into a virtual laboratory for training students about the distillation process and its control.

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