Integration of Heterogeneous Execution Environments for Co-simulation

R. Dreier and K.D. Müller-Glaser (Germany)


Simulation Tools and Techniques, Co-Simulation, FPGA,Micro Controller


With the rising complexity and distribution of embedded systems, new, customized development processes are re quired, so that statements on quality and costs are possible in early design phases to decrease the time to market. In order to meet these requirements a Java-based, platform independent co-simulation framework has been developed and is presented, that integrates heterogeneous execution environments. Besides logic- and state-based discrete event simulations, a target/host communication infrastruc ture for the processor-in-the-loop simulation of continu ous systems using a micro controller and a real-time oper ating system as well as simulation acceleration based on field programmable gate arrays is included in the frame work.

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