Tier & Peer view on Consumer Informatics: a High Level - Performance Analysis Method

F.H.U. Frank (The Netherlands)


Modeling and Simulation Method, Consumer System,Distribution Architecture, Long Term Evolution, Performance Analysis, Strategy, Technology Trend.


Distributed systems form the underlying architecture of consumer's Ambient Intelligence at 'home' and 'away'. To analyze performance relations, a structuring in Tiers and Peers is made. Functions are handled as 'blackboxes' or as 'grayboxes', the latter with some base function structuring of the inside. A new method is introduced able to quantify the performance of use cases as parts of consumer scenar ios. Technology and infrastructure projection towards medium and long term, say 2010 - 2015, is applied for quantitative analysis on 'sensible' future requirements. Some outcome is presented as example: valuable con sumer information functions will tend to reside in the user interaction terminals and at services.

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