A Simulator-based Control Design Case for a Full-scale Bubbling Fluidized Bed Boiler

M. Paloranta, K. Leppäkoski, and J. Mononen (Finland)


modeling, simulation, boilers, control


A simulator of the oxygen control system of a 185 MW bubbling fluidized bed boiler was utilized for control design purposes. The construction of the simulator consisted of three phases: studying the boiler control system, modeling and identification. Hammerstein-type models consisting of a nonlinear static part followed by a linear dynamic part were used. The models were based on industrial test series. The simulator was used to improve the control performance of the boiler. The controllers of the boiler affecting the flue-gas oxygen-content were tuned, and as a result, the fluctuation of the oxygen content around the oxygen setpoint considerably decreased. Thus, it is possible to decrease excess air, and thereby to decrease the flue-gas emissions and increase the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

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