Temperature Rise at Electrical Wires with Non-homogeneous Current Density or Boundary Conditions

N. Ghariban (USA)


Wire and cable, current capacity, temperature rise, current density


: Predicting conductor temperature rise above ambient temperature along the longitudinal direction of wires and cables with non homogeneous distribution of current density or boundary condition is considered. In order to evaluate current capacities that cause the wire and cable to approach the limit temperature and to prevent degradation of conductor or insulation materials, knowledge of temperature distribution along the length of the wires and cables is required. Although such information can be obtained by experimental methods these methods need skilled people, take considerable time to perform, and are expensive. As a result, an analytical method is desirable especially when changes are made in the cable or when the cable is under variable current or different external environmental conditions. This paper introduces an analytical method to evaluate temperature rise in wires and cables under different current density distribution and different environmental conditions.

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