Drying of Rotor Winding Isolation of Turbo-Generator Type TVV 200-2A with Change of Cooling Medium

T. Paspalovski, D. Hristovski, and D. Hristovski (FYROM)


Electrical machines, turbo-generator, drying of rotor winding isolation, change of cooling medium


This paper describes one practical example for drying of rotor winding insulation based on the ventilation losses for the turbo-generator N2 in Power Station Bitola. Turbo-generator is type TVV 200-2A produced by "Elektrosila" Russia, with power of 225 MW. The stator winding is cooled directly with distillate. The rotor winding, the stator core and the housing are cooled with hydrogen. For better understanding the drying process of the rotor winding, constructive characteristics are given. For the rotor spin of 3000 min-1 and closed housing filled with air instead of hydrogen, and from the ventilation losses from the air in the housing, the isolation of the rotor winding is improved.

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