Soft Magnetic Composites - Structure and Magnetic Properties

D. Miljavec, B. Šuštaršič, Ž. Turk, T. Sobočan, and P. Kokelj (Slovenia)


Soft magnetic composites, metallic particles, core loss, iron losses, magnetic properties, magnetic measurements


The aim of proposed paper is to present the soft magnetic composite (SMC), its structure, the process of core manufacturing and magnetic properties of a such core. In Fig.(1) the shematic view of soft magnetic composite is presented. The main structure is made of iron particles surrounded by oxide and polymer as binding material. These two materials serve as isolation for induced eddy currents. Microscopic structure of SMC material is shown in Fig.(2). The result of presented manufacturing process is visualised in Fig.(3). To analyse the magnetic properties of compressed SMC material in a form of toroid the measuring set-up was build up. At different excitation levels the B-H curves were determined. The comparison between two different prepared SMC cores at frequency 50 Hz is presented. And also there is shown a behaviour of SMC material and the Fe-Si dynamo sheet at the same frequency. These SMC materials are applicable mostly in designs with permanent magnets. Calculations of iron losses are performed and presented in form of figures. On the basis of this paper the SMC material can be placed in a field of its use in a design of electromagnetic structures.

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