Analysis and Validation of the Performance of Grounding Systems Buried in Soil Structures Containing Heterogeneous Volumes

F.P. Dawalibi and N. Mitskevitch (Canada)


Grounding; Earthing; Heterogeneous Soil Volumes


The study of grounding systems in various types of layered soils has been the subject of considerable attention in the past decades. However, there is a class of grounding problems that has not been studied as much but that is crucial for the investigation of a range of practical problems that cannot be approximated by a layered soil structure. This type of problems involves grounding systems that are either close to, partially immersed in or totally immersed in one or several finite volumes of soil materials that have resistivity values quite different from that of the bulk volume of surrounding soil (native soil). This paper focuses on this class of problems by describing and discussing the computed results that pertain to a number of typical grounding scenarios and by comparing them to some known limiting case solutions.

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