Impact of UCTE Reconnection to Active Power Losses in Transmission Network of Croatia

G. Majstrović, N. Dizdarević, and D. Bajs (Croatia)


Transmission network, active power losses, UCTEreconnection


The reconnection of the 2nd synchronous zone to the main UCTE (Union for the Co-ordination of Transmission of Electricity) grid opens new market possibilities in the region of South-East Europe. Due to specific geographical position of Croatia, realisation of significant power transactions is expected over Croatian transmission network. Croatian specifics are recognized in changed position of the power system (from an end part to a middle one) in states before and after the UCTE reconnection. Power exchanges will certainly influence power flows, loading levels, voltage levels, congestions and power losses in Croatian power system. This paper treats comparison of power losses that are computed for two system states. It is numerically related to active power losses at 400 kV, 220 kV and 110 kV voltage level.

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