Impact of UCTE Reconnection to Internal Congestions in Transmission Network of Croatia

N. Dizdarević, G. Majstrović, and M. Majstrović (Croatia)


Transmission network, congestions, power transferdistribution factors, UCTE reconnection


Power sector liberalization process has established new transmission control principles. Important aspects of newly liberalized market environment are known as congestion identification and management in transmission network. Congestion problem is interesting twofold: as supply security measure and market liquidity one. In this paper, congestion identification basics are presented at first. Congestions are identified with respect to total transfer capability computed from power transfer distribution factors. Then, analytical results of internal network congestions are given for a specific Croatian example. Croatian specifics are recognized in changed position of the power system (from an end part to a middle one) in states before and after UCTE reconnection. At the end, comparison of results that are obtained for two states is conducted. It numerically relates internal congestions to installed thermal capacity of ties between studied Croatian network and neighbouring ones.

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