Mathematical Model of Electromechanical System with 1H Converter for Investigations of Transient Phenomena and Sensitivity

Z. Głowacz and K. Jaracz (Poland)


power system, thyristor converter, mathematical model,sensitivity


In this paper the problem of mathematical describing of complex electromechanical system with 1H thyristor converter in stochastic conditions is considered. This system has been described using algebraic, logical and stiff differential equations. Created mathematical model permits to investigate the transient phenomena. On the basis of mathematical model of cascade the associated sensitivity model has been constructed. Associated model permits to determine the behavior of steady states of elec tromechanical system with 1H converter on system pa rameter, particularly on stochastic disturbance parameters in supply voltage of armature motor. Criterion of sensi tivity of system on variations of probabilistic parameters of stochastic disturbance component has been determined. In this paper are presented transient responses and sensi tivity functions of electromechanical system with 1H converter. Investigated electromechanical system belongs to discrete-continuous systems. Presented procedure is original proposition of mathematical modelling of dis crete-continuous systems.

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