Performance Test of Digital PSS using KEPCO Enhanced Power System Simulator (KEPS)

J. Choo and T. Kim (Korea)


--Power System Stabilizer(PSS), Real TimeDigital Simulator(RTDS), Low Frequency Oscillation,Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR), Small Signal Stability


- This paper introduces the real time digital simulator which is located in Korea Electric Power Research Institute (KEPRI) and proposes a methodology for the performance test of the power system stabilizer (PSS) using the KEPCO Enhanced Power System Simulator (KEPS). This test is to have a high degree of confidence on the developed PSS before it is installed in the real power system. The test has been performed in the form of a closed-loop test in which simulator and PSS are connected and signals are transferred interactively. Many tests have been performed successfully by using the KEPS which consists of 26 real time digital simulator (RTDS) racks for simulating the large scale power system. The reduced KEPCO power system which contains 88 generators and 195 buses has been used for simulation in this paper. The effectiveness of the developed PSS has been demonstrated through the AVR step change, three phase fault and active power variation tests.

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