Tie Line Constrained Equivalent Assisting Generator Model (TEAG) Considering Forced Outage Rates of Transmission Systems

J. Choi, K. Kim, S. Kang, D. Park, J. Yoon, S. Moon (Korea), and R. Billinton (Canada)


Reliability evaluation of interconnectedpower systems, Tie line constrained equivalent assistinggenerator model(TEAG) at Hierarchical level II,Synthesized fictitious equivalent generator(SFEG).


This paper illustrates a tie line constrained equivalent assisting generator (TEAG) model considering forced outage rates of transmission systems for reliability evaluation of interconnected power systems. Interconnections between power systems can provide improved levels of reliability. It is expected that the TEAG model developed in this paper will prove useful in the solution to problems of related to the effect of transmission system uncertainties in the reliability evaluation of interconnected power systems. The characteristics and concept of this TEAG considering transmission systems are described in detail by sample studies on a simple test system.

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