A Solution of Transient Stability Constrained Optimal Power Flow

J. Kubokawa, T. Matsuo, Y. Yuan, and H. Sasaki (Japan)


Optimal Power Flow, Transient Stability, NonlinearProgramming, Interior Point Method


Transient stability constrained optimal power flow (TSCOPF) has been recognized as a potentially mighty tool for secure and optimal operation planning of power system since its advent, especially in nowadays open transmission access environment. This paper proposes two improvements in TSCOPF proposed by reference (1). First, in order to reduce the number of equations of the time steps in TSCOPF, we will introduce variable time step width method. Next, we will improve numerical problems at critical case, where the convergence of TSCOPF will be difficult at the terminal-point of simulation period. Computation results on IEEJ WEST10 and IEEJ WEST30 model system demonstrate the effectiveness of proposed algorithms.

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