Voltage Stability based Contingency Ranking Considering Post-contingency VAR Requirement

M.K. Verma and S.C. Srivastava (India)


Reliability and Stability, Voltage Stability, ContingencyRanking, Loading Margin.


This paper presents development of two efficient methods of voltage stability based contingency ranking. The first method ranks contingencies using a new performance index, termed as, Modified Reactive Support Index (MRSI). This index considers post-contingency VAR requirement of the system. The second method proposes screening of critical contingencies based on load flow divergence at a stressed condition and ranking of these selected contingencies by combination of an existing Reactive Violation Index (RVI) and post contingency nose point estimated by a binary search. The accuracy of the proposed methods has been tested with respect to the post-contingency loading margin determined by a continuation power flow method on IEEE-14 bus system and a practical 75 bus Indian system.

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