Performance Analysis of Mirror Gas Turbine with Split-shaft Engine

J.-S. Tsai, C.-J. Tsai (Taiwan), and C. Wu (USA)


Mirror Gas Turbine, Split-Shaft Engine


There have been many developments on the thermodynamic analysis of various combined or cogeneration cycle schemes, with more advance heat recovery capabilities. One of such novel cycles is the mirror cycle. The mirror gas turbine is a conceptual combination of Brayton and inverted Brayton cycles with a heat sink by intercooling. And options chosen for further development seem to aim at more marketable system in recent years. The split-shaft engine can offer better flexibility of operation for the needs of combined or cogeneration system. In this work, performance analysis of the mirror gas turbine associated with split-shaft engine is obtained. The obtained results provide significant guidance to the performance evaluation and improvement of the mirror gas turbine.

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