Comparison of Simulations of Transient Event in Wind Power Installation

P. Sørensen, A.D. Hansen, M. Mieritz, P. Christensen, J. Bech, B. Bak-Jensen, and H. Nielsen (Denmar


Power System Transients, Modelling and Simulation ofPower Systems, Distributed Generation, ElectricalMachines.


The aim of this paper is to compare the capability of two different transient simulation tools, EMTDC and DIgSILENT, to simulate transient events in wind power installations. The approach is first to study if the basic build-in functions in the two programs provide similar simulation results, and after that to assess the effect of different options, which are available in the tools. A 3 phase short circuit near a wind power installation has been selected as a common simulation case. The main results of the study are that 1) the basic models of the two simulation tools can include generator stator flux transients, 2) these transients are important when fast protection equipment is needed, e.g. for power converters, 3) the longer term dynamic stability of large, complex power systems can be simulated faster in DIgSILENT neglecting the stator flux transients, 4) the saturation effects have a minor but distinct effect on the peak currents immediately after the short circuit, and finally 5) the EMTDC simulations show unexpected DC components in the currents in steady state, which cause unexpected fluctuations with the fundamental (50 Hz) frequency in power and torque.

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