Generation Maintenance Scheduling for Multi-area System with Transmission Constraints

A. Watcharaporn and W. Tayati (Thailand)


maintenance scheduling, reliability, optimization, constraint programming


This paper presents results of modeling and solving a maintenance scheduling problem of generating units for multi-area power system using hybrid constraint programming (CP) and mathematical programming (MP) method. The problem model is implemented in the optimization programming language (OPL). The goal is to maximize the system reliability, and minimize total production costs and leveling reserve margin for every area throughout the time horizon. Case studies of three and five areas power system with transmission constraints is used to verify the proposed model. The obtained results clearly show that representing transmission influence is essential for the system and they show that our approach is profitable for solving transmission constraint power system problem. The accuracy of the solution and the computation time are discussed. In addition, the objective of minimizing the production costs is compared with that of maximizing the system reliability.

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