Effect of Dual-Pressure Tube Banks Systems in Parallel Configuration on the Waste Heat Utilization from a Gas Turbine Power Plant

G.D. Ngoma (Canada) and A. Sadiki (Germany)


Power system, Gas Turbines, Steam Turbine, Steam Generators, Combined Cycle, Modeling and Simulation.


In the present paper, two models of dual-pressure tube systems in parallel configuration are developed and analyzed in order to predict the system performances by optimizing the exhaust gas utilization from a gas turbine without heat recovery systems. Finned tube banks arranged behind a gas turbine are used to improve the heat transfer efficiencies. Simulations are accomplished to prove the effectiveness of the present work in performance prediction of the dual-pressure tube systems. The obtained results demonstrate the different operating behavior of the developed models considering combined effects of the exhaust gas parameters and the tube geometries.

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