A Web based Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic System for Ultra High Voltage Substation Apparatus

Y. Choi, S. Kim, and I. Suh (Korea)


Substation Automation systems, prediction & diagnostics, Intranet, IT, WWW-Service, power monitoring


This paper introduces a web based remote monitoring and diagnostic system for ultra high voltage substation apparatus. The proposed system allows secure and stable operation of existing substations. The web based remote monitoring and diagnostic system consists of a local system and a main control center. The local system collects the monitoring data of main transformers (MTR) and gas insulated switchgears (GIS) installed in ultrahigh voltage (higher than 154kV) substations. The main control center uses the collected data to monitor system (power and equipment) conditions and perform diagnostics while providing web service. The pilot test results of the web based remote monitoring and diagnostic system application to several 154kV class substations located in actual manufacturing facilities in South Korea are introduced. Schemes for interfacing the proposed system with other systems that control protective devices are also mentioned.

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