Protection Scheme for Subsynchronous Resonance in Series Capacitor Compensated Transmission System

H. Sugimoto, M. Goto, T. Matsukawa, Y. Yokomizu, and T. Matsumura (Japan)


Series Capacitor, Subsynchronous Resonance, Torsional Shaft Torque, Observer, Modal Decomposition, Damping Coefficient


This paper describes a protection scheme for subsyn chronous resonance (SSR) that may occur in series capac itor compensated transmission system. To detect the SSR phenomenon, we introduced an observer that can obtain the torsional oscillations of the turbine-generator shaft system by using the generator speed deviation. Furthermore, this study evaluates the impacts of the resolution of the gen erator speed sensor and the turbine-generator mechanical damping coefficients in the observer upon the accuracy of the detection in SSR protection system. The results of this study show that these impacts are small enough and the proposed protection scheme can be applied to actual power system.

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