Input PF Correction of Four-quadrant PMBDC Motor-based Variable Speed Drive System

T.H. Abdelhamid (Kuwait)


Power factor correction, brushless machines, four quadrant drives.


This paper presents a four-quadrant PMBDC motor-based variable speed drive system incorporating input PFC. The PMBDC motor is supplied from a single-switch per phase converter with additional energy recovery switch and storage capacitor. The drive system is supplied from a single-phase ac mains. The dc link is achieved via a diode rectifier bridge and a single-switch PFC boost converter. The proposed system has some advantages like; minimum number of switches to provide four-quadrant operation, simple control circuit as all phase switches have a common return, and single chip PFC controller. The principle of operation in motoring and regenerating modes are described. Converter analysis is presented and key equations for determining the ratings of the circuit elements are obtained. Experimental results are also presented and the effect of PFC is evaluated in terms of harmonic content and system efficiency.

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