Power Factor Correctors for Single-phase Rectifiers: A Comparative Performance Analysis

R. Carbone, P. Corsonello, A. Scappatura, and M. Fantauzzi (Italy)


Power Factors, Rectifiers, Passive Power Factor Correctors, Active Power Factor Correctors.


A review of circuits for power factor correction in single-phase bridge rectifiers with power in the order of 2 kW is presented. Most common passive techniques and a line-frequency-commutated active technique are explicitly considered; all circuits are simple, robust and do not cause EMI problems. PSPICE is utilized to perform several numerical simulations on a case-study, in order to compare the circuit performances. The performance analysis is developed in terms of AC absorbed current harmonic components, total harmonic distortion factor, power factor, current crest factor and efficiency. The main outcome of the paper is that, for power in the range of few kW, properly designed passive power factor correctors can be a valid alternative to the active ones.

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