Evaluating the Overvoltage Bandwidth by Frequency Scan Method

C.C. Ning and T.P. Tsao (Taiwan)


Frequency Scan Method, Harmonic, Power Quality, Resonance, Overvoltage, Ferro-Resonance (FR), Iron Core Saturation


The paper employs frequency scan method to span the bandwidth of overvoltage region due to resonance, and then analyzes resonance types by spectrum. Furthermore we afford three solutions to mitigate resonance effect and harmonic symptom. Since power electronics and nonlinear loads make us of considerable quantities in system, all of them could cause harmonic, sub-harmonic, or inter-harmonic. These harmonics could highly possible to cause resonance following with over voltage. Consequently, the resonance effect and over-voltage and over-current phenomena not only pollute power quality of customer side, but also degrade insulation of breaker or equipment and furthermore damage power appliances.

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