Investigation of Harmonics Flow on 115-KV Transmission Line in Saudi Arabia

M.H. Shwehdi and M. Kassas (Saudi Arabia)


Harmonics, Static Voltage Compensator, Frequency Scan, Filter.


: Power quality issues and requirements are becoming one of the essentials in industry process. This is due to the rapid and wide increase of using electronic devices in control and automations of such systems, also due to the nature of loads that are served by the system. Power system harmonic analysis investigates the generation and propagation of these components throughout the system. Frequency scan studies are to determine the resonance in the system at found harmonics. Harmonic studies are used to quantify the distortion in the waveforms of voltage and current at various points in a power system, its frequency scan study determine whether dangerous resonant conditions exist. The paper presents frequency scan investigating for analysis of harmonics flow in a 115 KV transmission lines system, due to switching of the Static VAR Compensators (SVC) at 13.8 KV bus. A model of SVC using a software package is developed to simulate the harmonics generated from SVC switching [8].

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