An Ant Colony System based Approach for Passive Harmonic Filter Planning

C.-Y. Lee and H.-C. Chang (Taiwan)


Passive-Harmonic-Filter, Optimal Planning, Ant Colony System


This paper presents an application of an ant colony system (ACS) based approach for passive harmonic filter plan ning in power systems. The purpose is to find the optimal set of filters, from which, the type, capacities, and the important parameters of filters are well determined to sat isfy the requirements of harmonic filtering and power factor. The pheromone-update rules and state transition rules of the ant colony system algorithm are first briefly reviewed, and then the ACS based computation procedure for searching for an optimal solution of planning of filters is detailed. Finally, the proposed approach has been tested on two cases, and the test results show the superiority and suitability of the ACS algorithm to filter-bank planning.

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