Longer Term Stabilisation of Wind Power Plant Voltage/Reactive Power Fluctuations by FACTS Solution

N. Dizdarević, M. Majstrović (Croatia), and G. Andersson (Switzerland)


Wind energy conversion system (WECS), FACTS,UPFC, voltage control, reactive power compensation


Power conditions in distribution network with integrated wind energy conversion system (WECS) are dynamically analysed in longer term time domain. Responses of characteristic variables are evaluated as functions of measured wind speed at the site and of measured active and reactive load power in the network during 48-hour period. The constant minimum, constant maximum and intermittent operating regimes of the WECS are superimposed to simultaneously variable bus load powers in order to estimate severity of network operation. The FACTS-based countermeasure to fluctuating voltage and reactive power is proposed in form of the Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC). The UPFC is situated at the point of the WECS connection to the network to flatten voltage profile and minimise reactive power exchange.

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